What our Customers say...



Enclosed please find my payment for the job that you did at my property from the flooding.

Thanks for the fast service, Mike and the others did a great job on my house.  I will definitely recommend your services to my friends when they are in need.

Thanks again,

Dean J. 

Rob and Kim were courteous, polite and helpful.  They clearly explained the restoration process and were very professional in their work.  My home looks just like it did before the storm.

SERVPRO of Dubuque,

Enclosed please find my check for the job at....  Thank you for the fast service.  Mike did a great job on my home.


Dean J

Dubuque, IA

This testimonial was sent to us by one of our agents after a huge storm.  It was his recommendation of our services to other agents with his company.

"Just my personal experience with the latest storm damage. That storm if you didn’t see took out 200 yr old bridges and my sons father in laws corn field with 7 foot high corn was under water for 5 days etc. My point is that Serv-Pro in Dubuque Ia was spot on to help people. They even gave an old hurricane fan to me for my wet basement. They do a lot of free CE training up here so I am just giving them a very high ranking for your consideration." Joe Miller/Galena

We received the following from a customer that asked for our help with a Biohazard Cleanup.

"The personnel consistently communicated with me during each step of the process... the people worked very smoothly and I am pleased that the finished job met my expectations".

Carol L.

Dubuque, IA

Our dental clinic was recently flooded by heavy rain storms. SERVPRO of Dubuque was at our building within an hour of contact, and worked quickly to remediate the water and moisture in the building. We were able to reopen and see patients the following day. They really went above and beyond!
--Trina McCormick, Access Community Health Centers Dodgeville Dental Clinic Manager

We received this testimonial from a water damage caused by a broken pipe.

SERVPRO of Dubuque consistently communicated with me during each step of the process.  The staff were very professional and provided excellent customer service while at my house.

The SERVPRO of Dubuque personnel were kind and knowledgeable and they listened to what my concerns were.


We had a plumbing leak (literally water pouring from a pipe located in the upstairs shower stall into our lower level bathroom), that heavily saturated one wood paneled wall, and all of the wall-to-wall carpeting. After finally getting the water shut off, we realized quick action was necessary to save the paneling and carpet from permanent damage and costly replacement. Within the hour your SERVPRO staff came exactly at the same time as our plumbers. Plumbers located and repaired the problem, and your SERVPRO reps immediately began the clean-up of all that water, even as the plumbers were finishing up.  Expertly removing the carpeting up and away from the walls, they then set up several huge driers to air and dry the bathroom from the floor to the walls, and applied the anti-mold/mildew and disinfecting agents to insure the preservation of both paneling and carpet. The carpet was completely intact, in such perfect condition, we were able to have professional carpet installers re-tack that wall-to-wall carpet back into place. No stains, no mold/mildew issues and especially no need to replace any of the carpet or paneling. Amazing!  Today that bathroom is still in pristine condition - literally - "Like it never even happened."!  We'll never call anyone else - you are the best in the business - SERVPRO!  Many thanks to you all! Sincerely, Howard & Nancy Klauer

The people that work for SERVPRO of Dubuque did a great job on my home that was damaged when a pipe broke.  They were very professional and worked well with my insurance company to clean up the mess and repair the damage.

I will definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dubuque to others.

Steve N.

Galena, IL

SERVPRO of Dubuque cleaned the carpets, rugs and upholstery at my home. It had been a while since I had this done and they really needed it.  My house looks great!  They were able to get the high traffic areas to look just like the rest of the carpet and they got out several stains.  I have pets and the pet odor is gone.  I was also surprised by how well the upholstery cleaned up.  I will definitely have SERVPRO of Dubuque come to clean in the future, I just won't wait as long next time!

Travis was very helpful and explained exactly what he intended to do and did everything that he told me. 

Thanks Travis and SERVPRO.

Tina S.


We received the following testimonial from a customer who is a tenant in an apartments building that had a fire.  We remediated the fire damage to the building for the owner.  Christina also hired us to clean her apartment and it's contents of smoke, soot and odor.

"SERVPRO of Dubuque did an excellent job cleaning up my apartment.  The employees were very pleasant and respectful.  I have mobility problems due to an injury and the people from SERVPRO really went out of  their way to help me out.  There were several little things that I wasn't able to do myself and they made sure I had all the help I wanted.  I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dubuque to all of my family and friends that find themselves in need."

Christina P.

Dubuque, IA

For over 30 years, I have been an Insurance Claims Representative in the Dubuque Area.  SERVPRO of Dubuque assisted me in numerous fire, water & other property damage claims. They always provided prompt & professional services.  I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dubuque.

Jim Meyer

Thank you SERVPRO for doing such a great job on my recent upholstery cleaning. Our couch in the main living area gets a lot of use and once SERVPRO was finished cleaning it, it looked brand new! Mike was great to work with and very knowledgeable.  I will certainly be contacting SERVPRO again in the future for any carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. 


Nick Davis, Dubuque, IA 

In April, we had a house fire.  After working with our insurance company, we had SERVPRO OF DUBUQUE take over cleaning up the mess and making the repairs.  The whole crew was considerate, respectful and very aware of our feelings.  Our home was cleaned, repaired and looked great.  I would recommend SERVPRO OF DUBUQUE to anyone.

Alice Rooney

SERVPRO OF DUBUQUE responded the same evening my downstairs "flooded".  Due to their timely response and thorough work over the following days, damage to my home was greatly minimized.  I am very appreciative of the competent people who helped me out from SERVPRO OF DUBUQUE.  I highly recommend their services.

Julie Burgmeier

We received this  testimonial by email from a property manager that we did a general cleaning on rental properties.


Todd, I just wanted to say thank you for your work on the East Dubuque property. Your people have been great. Thanks for all of your help.

D. F. D.

SERVPRO of Dubuque did a great job doing our mold remediation.  The staff was very professional and kind.  Nolan Kramer from the duct cleaning division was pleasant to work with and was very helpful and delightful to work with.  I have a hard time moving around and Nolan couldn't have treated me better and had a lot of patience with me.

Amy Jacobson

Mrs. Soley called to say that she is extremely pleased with Katie and the SERVPRO Dubuque Team.  They were "Professional, yet personable and hardworking", she really thought Katie was terrific!

Katie and her team used our power washing equipment to clean some oil based stains off of her concrete prior to a large event she had planned.