Commercial Photo Gallery

Little broken pipe-big water damage

The water supply line to this toilet came disconnected and caused a severe water damage loss in a community building in Eastern Iowa.  Several thousands of gallons of water escaped overnight, resulting in thousands of dollars of property damage.

Water Extraction at Commercial Property

A commercial building, pending new occupancy, in Eastern Iowa was recently flooded by snow melt and early season rains.  SERVPRO of Dubuque was asked to help remove the muddy water from the building.  Using our heavy, truck mounted water extraction units, we were able to remove several thousand gallons of water from this building.

Since the building was currently unoccupied, we did not have any contents to manipulate or have to contend with any ongoing business operations during the project.

Once the bulk of the water had been removed from the building, we concentrated on drying the walls. In just over three days, the building was ready for the new tenants to move in.

SERVPRO of Dubuque gained another very happy customer!

Water Extraction from Commercial Building

Here is another photo of our large water extraction machine removing water from a large commercial building.  Extraction is an important part of mitigation after a water loss.  It is much faster to remove the water mechanically than it is to remove the water through dehumidification.

Water Extraction from Commercial Building

One of the secondary damages caused by a fire is the water left behind by the fire department.  In this case our SERVPRO of Dubuque crew is using one of our truck mounted extraction machines to remove as much surface water as possible before setting drying equipment.

Commercial Soot Damage Cleanup

Here is one of SERVPRO of Dubuque's crews cleaning up soot damage after a fire at a commercial building.  Soot damage can often be more costly than the damage caused by the actual fire.

Donation to Habitat for Humanity

Our Terry Lenstra made a trip to Habitat for Humanity in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to drop off some lightly used construction materials.  It quite common for us to come across construction materials that have a lot of life left in them.  When we do, we try to find another use for these items instead of the landfill.  In this case we had some commercial windows that were being replaced as part of a larger project and so we donated the used windows to Habitat for Humanity for use on one of their future projects.  Thanks Terry for making the trip!