Water Damage Photo Gallery

Antique chandelier- excessive secondary moisture

Here is a photo of what was a beautiful antique chandelier on the second floor of a home that was subjected to 10 days of 100% humidity after a tank-less water heater ruptured in basement.

Tank-less Water Heater

This is an example of a broken water supply line at a connecting joint.  Normally when this occurs in the supply lines leaving a standard "tanked" water heater, it results in 30-60 gallons of hot water being released.  That is not the case when it happens on a tank-less water heater.  Please see our blog post "On Demand Water Heater"

High Efficiency Desiccant - Residential Water Loss

Here is our 5000 CFM High Efficiency Desiccant.  This machine is 70% quieter and more fuel efficient than other desiccants on the market.  It is so quiet, in this photo, it is operating in a residential neighborhood in Galena, IL.  It was the most effective way to properly dry this historic home that experienced a significant water loss.

Flood Cutting from water loss

When a water loss is significant or the damage is not mitigated quickly, we are forced to remove the drywall.  When this happens, we normally cut a specific height either 2 or 4 feet.  This allow the drywall to be reinstalled as easily as possible.

Infrared Cameras

Since water is very good at playing "Hide and Seek" we use several tools to try and locate water that has found a good hiding spot.  One of our most effective tools for this is the FLIR Infrared Camera.  This camera differentiates between different temperatures with in a structure and allows us to recognize hidden moisture by its heat signature.  

Mold above a drop ceiling

Water and mold are very good at playing "Hide and Seek"  In this case, we had a commercial building owner that had a water leak in a second floor apartment last year.  The area of the leak was directly above a common area with drop ceiling.  Unfortunately the contractor that was hired to re-mediate the water loss was not very thorough in their inspection and some of the water effectively hid from them.  Due to the area not being properly dried, a significant amount of mold grew as can be seen in the photo.  We were able to effectively re-mediate the mold problem once we brought it to the owners attention.  SERVPRO of Dubuque utilizes several pieces of cutting edge technology, including FLIR infrared cameras to prevent making the same mistake.  Using these tools, we can prevail against water or mold paying "Hide and Seek"

New Truck Mount - inside

Here is another photo of our new truck mount from inside the water truck. With this machine, we bring our own water to the jobsite, reclaim the water after extraction and the system applies cleaning solutions when needed!

New Truck Mount

We are excited about our new truck mount!  SERVPRO of Dubuque has replaced the truck mount in our water truck with a brand new ProChem Legend GT!  This machine is the work horse of the water restoration industry.  We utilize this machine for everything from Hot Water Washing and water extraction to Carpet Cleaning.