Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Restoring stairway after soot damage

Here is a progress photo of the stairway that I already posted with all of the photos removed showing the extent of the soot damage.

The repairs have been made and some of the painting is done.

I hope to get another photo once the customer has redecorated the wall.

Soot damaged stairway from residential fire

Here is an example of soot damage from a fire. The soot damage is made more obvious by the pictures that have been removed from the wall to be restored. 

I am glad to say that this home has been fully restored and I will be adding incredible before and after photos shortly.

Smoke Odor-Hydroxl machine

A major issue with fire damage losses is the resulting smoke odor.  We use several techniques to reduce or remove the smell.  This is one of the pieces of equipment that we are able to use which is safe while residents remain in the household.  The air that passes thru this Hydroxyl  "fan" is cleaned by UV lights removing the odor.

Wood Deck Fire

Here is a photo of a wooden deck that caught on fire in Dubuque, IA.  As you can see, the fire also damaged the brick of the home where the deck attached to it.  On this job, we utilized soda blasting to clean the brick wall with out damaging it.

Small fire can result in large loss

This was a fire damage loss caused by a water heater that started on fire.  Although the fire was small and only resulted in some charring to the walls, the amount of soot and smoke odor was significant, as was the water damage from both the ruptured water heater and the water used to extinguish the smoldering fire.

Note: the water heater has been removed from the damaged area for this photo.

Fire Damage in Dubuque Iowa

This photo is a refrigerator that was determined to be the cause of a house fire. The power cord was kinked and smashed between the outlet and the back of the refrigerator.  This caused the cord to overheat and short out, causing the fire.  This home in Dubuque Iowa sustained significant fire, smoke and soot damage as well as water damage from the efforts to put out the fire.